Premonition: Jennie's Gifts Fiction Series Prequel

Summary. Jennie was born a medium. Since her earliest childhood memories, she could see ghosts. And she “knew” things she’d never imagine on her own... some things she didn’t even want to know. But her psychic abilities, collectively referred to as Jennie’s Gifts, troubled her mother, who wanted her daughter to live a “normal” life. So as a young girl she decided to ignore the spirit world, and before long she was no longer communicating with it at all. Now, years later, with grown children of her own, Jennie’s Gifts are but a distant memory. All of it long forgotten. All of it, except for one premonition she fears will still come true... 

Note: also titled as “The Sight”

Messages of Love and Healing: Jennie’s Gifts Fiction Series Book 1

Summary: Jennie stood on the sidewalk admiring the sign above the front door of her newly rented store. It felt good to have at last embraced her abilities; she was now a professional medium. Raised by a mother who forbade her to talk to dead people or use her psychic abilities because she wanted her daughter to live a normal life, Jennie honored her mother's wishes for more than forty years and kept her Gifts a secret. But no more. She no longer cared about fitting in. It was time to step into her true nature.

And Jennie was finding the mediumship work rewarding, serving as a voice to the spirit realm, delivering their messages of love and healing to loved ones on the Earth plane. She had found her purpose, and it was delightful to at last be living it! 

But not everyone is happy about her new career. Her family wants her to stop talking to ghosts and dabbling in the occult. What will it take for them to see the value in what she does?

Note: also titled as “The Secrets”


Dancing on Moonbeams: Jennie’s Gifts Fiction Series Book 2

Summary: Jennie’s psychic abilities continue to expand and flourish in her work as a professional medium. She's happy delivering messages from the spirit world to her clients, and her business is booming!

All is going well … until the phone call.

It’s Jasmine, Ben’s new wife, calling on behalf of the medium’s ex-husband and his mother. Jennie feels conflicted. How can she help the two of them when all they’ve ever done is mock and gossip about Jennie and her career?

As a professional medium Jennie has vowed to be of loving service to everyone. But does everyone have to include Ben and her ex-mother-in-law? Is she really expected to be of service to them?

She doesn’t want to dishonor her Gifts, but can Jennie set aside her feelings enough to be helpful? Or is it too great a sacrifice?

Note: also titled as: “The Sacrifice”

Finding Faith: Jennie’s Gifts Fiction Series Book 3

Summary: Deanna must have a good reason for interrupting her best friend’s vacation. And she has one, for she needs Jennie's help in finding a missing coed. 

Jennie is reluctant to assist for two reasons. For one, she’s been looking forward to spending downtime with Jake at their lakefront cabin in Georgia. And secondly, she’s never tried to use her Gifts to find a missing person before. But Deanna is persistent for time is of the essence. And when Jennie realizes that she knew the missing girl’s parents years ago, she agrees she must help.

Her quest takes her into the mountains of North Carolina, where she’s riding horses and all-terraine-vehicles. And deep inside the world of dreams, where she’s deciphering visions, clues and symbols with her astral friends.

But will all this adventure help her in Finding Faith?

Note: also titled as “The Search”

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