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My name is Lynn Thomas and I'm the author of the Jennie's Gifts Series and other works. Jennie's story is an inspiring journey of love, intuition, personal growth, relationships and romance about a woman who happens to be a psychic medium. Jennie's Gifts came to me as an inspired download. As I intuitively wrote, I was thrilled to tell Jennie's story in a way that sheds a positive light on evidential mediumship.  I delight in delving deep into something that has caught my interest, then channeling my experiences, feelings and discoveries into informative and inspiring fiction and nonfiction. Besides writing, I love exploring the esoteric, spending time with my husband, grandchildren, family and friends, traveling, being in - on - near water, and snacking on dark chocolate. Be sure to subscribe to my Blog using the link in the sidebar at the right, so you can be among the first to get updates. And please Click the "+Follow" link on my author page: amazon.com/author/lynnthomas And I invite you to visit:
Thank you for reading, leaving reviews, and sending such nice emails. I am grateful for each of you.
More Info:
  • Lynn is an empath, a student of the esoteric, a past life and afterlife researcher, and certified advanced non-clinical hypnotherapist.
  • A contributing columnist in Horizon Magazine.
  • Published in The Friend and Unity magazines.
  • Interviewed in Writer’s Digest and Christian Science Monitor.
  • In 1999 was interviewed by Booklocker about her candle book which was rated the #1 nonfiction ebook on the Internet for that year, and ranked in the top 10 for over five years. And it ranked an Honorable Mention in Writer’s Digest’s 2001 National Self-Published Book Awards – Nonfiction Category.
  • Lynn writes in both fiction and nonfiction, and has attended numerous workshops.
  • In 2005, Lynn’s poem “As I Stroll” received a national award.

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